Study Psychology A-Level at Pembrokeshire College

    Start Psychology Course at A-level

Psychology is the fascinating study of the human mind and behaviour and this course aims to offer students a strong foundation in its discipline. You will begin to understand yourself and other people by learning about aspects of human behaviour that will help you in daily life. Studying scientific method will enable you to develop sound analytical skills – and apply them to learn about behaviour and mental life.

Psychology at A-level provides an excellent training in analytic thinking and scientific research methods which you will be able to apply to a broad range of careers. You will be able to apply knowledge and understanding and develop mathematical knowledge, which are all highly transferable skills for further study.

    Comprehensive foundation in Psychology

The study of Psychology at A-level is divided into four units which will cover the discipline in much detail. In your first year, you will learn about Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Research Methods; and Biological Psychology, Social Psychology and Individual Differences.

In your second year, you will focus on Topics in Psychology and on Psychopathology, Psychology in Action and Research Methods; and learn about Gender, Eating Behaviour, Aggression, Anxiety Disorders, and others.

You will learn about and use scientific research methods and statistics that underpin developments in the discipline.

    Progress to a UK University

Psychology A-levels often lead to higher education and Pembrokeshire College is proud to support and help students apply for university courses. With further study, you will be able to apply for a wide range of roles in counselling, clinical psychology, nursing, educational psychology, and many others such as business and human resources.

    Learn Online

Psychology is available to study as an online course via distance learning. You will get support from qualified and expert tutors via email and Skype. This is an opportunity to study in your home country for the first year and move to the UK for the second year.