Study Mathematics/Further Mathematics

    Study A-Level in Mathematics at a UK College

Mathematics A-levels are great for students who have an interest in maths and are thinking about pursuing their studies at university level. Mathematics is one of the most traditional subjects and studying it at A-level can open many doors and lead to more career options.

Mathematics involves problem solving, logic and analysing situations, as well as basic numeracy skills. If you are creative as well, this may be the perfect subject for you. Further Mathematics is only taken by the most able and is the recommended route to study mathematical subjects at degree level as it provides some extra modules.

    Enhance your skills in Mathematics

There are many benefits to studying Mathematics at A-level. You will enhance your chances of studying at a Russell Group University, and have the opportunity to study Further Mathematics. You will learn practical skills with a variety of uses; and find many practical applications to the knowledge gained on the course.

Mathematics is a good complementary subject to other A-level topics and will teach you to process, interpret and analyse information as well as develop logical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

  • A-level Mathematics: 2 core units in first year are taken by all students, Introduction to advanced Mathematics and Concepts for advanced Mathematics. Optional units include Statistics or Mechanics. The second year focuses on Methods of advanced Mathematics and Applications of advanced Mathematics with the same options to pursue Statistics and Mechanics.
  • A-level Further Mathematics: Units are more specialised and include Pure Mathematics, Mechanics, Statistics – as well as Decision Mathematics and Numerical Methods.

    Pursue your studies in a UK university

Studying Mathematics at A-level is an excellent way of gaining a strong scientific grounding and will open many doors for university study. You will be able to apply for a degree in Mathematics, Physics, Economics, or Computer Science.

Lecturers and staff at Pembrokeshire College are highly supportive and will guide you through your future career decisions, making sure you achieve the marks required and develop a concrete idea of where you want to be in your future career.

    Learn Online

Mathematics is available to study as an online course via distance learning. You will get support from qualified and expert tutors via email and Skype. This is an opportunity to study in your home country for the first year and move to the UK for the second year.