Study Environmental Studies at Pembrokeshire College

    Study the environment at A-level in the UK

Environmental Studies at College are a great way for students to gain a deep and well-informed insight into the environment and the scientific processes that control and affect it. The central theme is the development of an understanding of how different events and cycles within the environment interrelate, how they influence subsequent environmental events, the human impacts on these events and cycles and the strategies that can be used to minimise the problems caused.

Key aspects include areas such as Wildlife Conservation, Pollution, Global Climate Change, Energy, Pollution, Food Production, Population Growth and Sustainability. You will develop a range of analytical, evaluative and synoptic skills highly valued in many scientific disciplines.

    Gain comprehensive knowledge of Environmental Studies

The programme is very comprehensive and will teach students about many aspects of environmental studies, including:

  • The Living Environment: Get introduced to the biodiversity of life on Earth; looking at the reasons for conservation of life and the methods for effective conservation. Learn about the ecological relationships between organisms and their abiotic and biotic environments.
  • The Physical Environment: Atmospheric gases, water and mineral nutrients are essential for life on earth; learn more about how humans exploit and manage physical resources.
  • Energy Resources and Environmental Pollution: Investigate energy resources to solve problems of supply; the study of pollutants and how to minimise their release.
  • Biological Resources and Sustainability: Factors controlling human population growth; study of human lifestyles and their sustainability.

    Progress to a UK university

A-levels in Environmental Studies lead to a variety of university courses including Biology, Geography, Environmental Science as well as careers in ecology, countryside management, wildlife conservation, marine biology and planning.

Lecturers and staff at Pembrokeshire College are highly supportive and will guide you through your future career decisions, making sure you achieve the marks required and develop a concrete idea of where you want to be in your future career.