Study Sociology at Pembrokeshire College

    Study A-Level in Sociology at UK College

Sociology is a very interesting topic for students who want to understand social practice and social change in contemporary society. On this two-year course, you will understand the theories and concepts used in sociology, as well as understand and evaluate a range of research methods.

After two years, you will have the skills to focus on your role and responsibilities within society and you will have developed a lifelong interest in social issues. The information you gain on a Sociology A-level will be of use in your future and you will be able to interpret your own experience in light of you sociology background.

    Comprehensive study of Sociology

Taking Sociology at A-level is a great introduction to the topic – and offers a very comprehensive understanding of this field of study. In your first year, you will learn about culture and identity, as well as start working with research, learning about the methodology and various theorists.

In your second year, you will engage in more high level discussions on topics such as power and control and draw from your basic theoretical understanding to engage in debates. You will also be assessed on your research methods and design a piece of research supported by methodologically sound evaluation and justification of your choices.

    Pursue to a UK University

After you finish your A-levels at Pembrokeshire College, you will meet the requirements to apply to study at university in the UK and abroad. Although you will have the foundation to further study for a Sociology degree, you will be free to apply for other subjects in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Sociology is widely recognised as a useful tool to understand the world we live in and to be able to critique and question society. If you combine Sociology with other ‘facilitating’ subjects such as economics, philosophy or religious studies, you will enhance your chances or accessing a top UK University.