Study Law at Pembrokeshire College

    Study A-Level in Law at College UK

If you are good at History, Sociology or English Literature, Law could be the subject for you. You will gain problem solving skills, analytical and critical thinking skills – and learn to reason through legal rules.

Whether you have plans to pursue your studies/career at home or abroad, understanding the British Legal System will add significant value to your knowledge base.

    Gain valuable knowledge and skills

On this programme, you will develop an understanding of selected areas of law and the legal system in England and Wales. In particular, you will:

  • Understand legal method and reasoning
  • Develop logical thinking and the skills to analyse and solve problems
  • Learn to communicate legal arguments and conclusion with reference to legal authority
  • Develop a critical awareness of the changing nature of law in society
  • Gain a sound basis for further study

    Progress to a UK University

A-level Law can form part of your entry requirements for university to study a number of options in the Humanities. If you wish to continue studying Law at university you will have access to many careers as Law courses involve many transferable skills such as critical thinking, research skills, problem solving, attention to detail and presentation skills which are valued in many areas.

After you graduate, you could find employment in the police, trading standards, personnel work, business, publishing, journalism, local government, third sector, and many others.

    Learn Online

Law is available to study as an online course via distance learning. You will get support from qualified and expert tutors via email and Skype. This is an opportunity to study in your home country for the first year and move to the UK for the second year.