Study Biology at Pembrokeshire College

    Study A-Level in Biology at UK College

This very broad programme of study will teach you about the modern Biology and its importance in understanding environmental, ethical and social issues and their implications. You will gain an understanding of current scientific model method as well as an awareness of the different perceptions, predictions and interpretations that may be applied according to context.

Practical work will be useful to illustrate and promote an investigatory approach, and the use of computer technology is encouraged on this programme.

    Enhance your knowledge and skills

On this two-year programme, you will learn through six units. The first year consists of Cells, exchange and transport; Molecules, biodiversity, food and health; and Practical skills in Biology 1. The second year focuses on Communication, homeostasis and energy; Control, genomes and environment; and Practical skills in Biology 2.

Biology is widely recognised as a ‘facilitating’ subject which will open many doors for your future studies and careers and equip you with scientific knowledge as well as academic skills. Biology will test your memory and reasoning skills and you will be assessed through exams.

    Progress to a UK university

Studying Biology at A-level is an excellent way for students with a scientific mind to extend their knowledge and pursue a science subject. After two years, you will be able to pursue your higher education and study for a degree in a UK university, in a wide range of scientific subjects. Your A-levels will be valued, as will your experience of practical work and self-directed study.

Lecturers and staff at Pembrokeshire College are highly supportive and will guide you through your future career decisions, making sure you achieve the marks required and develop a concrete idea of where you want to be in your future career. At university level, a wide range of science subjects will be available to you, including veterinary science, medicine, psychology, nursing, dentistry, zoology, and many others.

    Learn Online

Biology is available to study as an online course via distance learning. You will get support from qualified and expert tutors via email and Skype. This is an opportunity to study in your home country for the first year and move to the UK for the second year.