Study Fine Art at Pembrokeshire College in Wales

    Study Pre-Degree A-Level Art at College

This programme is for students who want to explore the potential of drawing and painting through observed study. The course is fast-paced and requires students to be committed to learning and trust their lecturers. This two-year programme is mostly practical and will develop your observation and analysis skills. You will find many opportunities to experiment and work in the way that you want, to develop your own style.

You will study and analyse the work of other artists and apply this knowledge to enhance and influence your own work. You will develop technical skills as well as a personal style which you will be assessed on.

    Gain valuable skills to become an artist

The two lecturers that deliver this course are both experienced practitioners. The philosophy of this study puts emphasis on ‘observation’ of subject, learning to look and understand what is being seen. Students will learn how this can be translated through the expressive nature of materials and individual investigation of the subject.

  • Learn about drawing and painting
  • Work in the studio
  • Use line, tone, colour, mark
  • Work in a variety of media and techniques
  • Engage in discussion and express ideas
  • Investigate a subject through series

    Start your path to a UK university

Studying Art at A-level is a great foundation for students who want to pursue their artistic study at university. If you have a talent or a passion, then this could be the course for you as you will find the freedom to develop a style and explore techniques and forms.

Lecturers and staff at Pembrokeshire College are highly supportive and will guide you through your future career decisions, making sure you achieve the marks required and develop a concrete idea of where you want to be in your future career. Courses available to you at university level will include Art & Design, Fine Art, Fashion, Media, and many others.